Sifnos island hiking Greece guide

Kos Hiking & Holidays

Kos Hiking & Holidays

€795 per person

8-day relaxed hiking and holidays in Kos

Kos island is a little gem in the Aegean sea waiting for you to explore it. We have designed a package for relaxed holidays combining small hiking trips and micro-experiences to discover the nature and culture of Kos. You will immerse in the local way of living and experience the warm Greek hospitality together with local guides. Boat trips for swimming and fishing as well as town shopping are also included in the package!

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Trip Highlights

DIscover the beautiful island of Kos

Experience local hospitality

3 hiking trips and 3 micro-experiences!

2 Boat trips

  • Destination
  • Departure
    Kos airport
  • Departure Time
    Approximately 8:00 am
  • Return Time
  • Dress Code
    Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat. See FAQ section for more information.
  • Included
    Personal Guide
    Typical Souvenir
  • Not Included
    Beverages and snacks
Day 1. Airport pick-up and welcome
Airport pick-up.10:00-16:00 Welcome and relaxation17:00-20:00 Sunset from Mastichari hills and dinner ατ a local tavern
Day 2. Hiking and Micro-Experience 1
06:00-12:00 Hiking St. Mamas-Kefalos with brunch included.Hiking distance: 5.5km with D+ 105m and D- 112m17:00-22:00 Micro-experience 1Romantic Sunset Walk through Asfendiou’s heritage and Zia’s unique nature Our departure from Mastichari is at 17.00 to reach the settlement of Zia at the mountain village of Asfendiou in about 40 minutes We will walk through the romantic roads of Asfendiou, an old rural village, the largest of the 5 total villages of all Kos. Asfendiou was alive and crowded (2,800 inhabitants at the 1951 census) until the 1960s, when it was abandoned almost en masse. Asfendiou is a rare agricultural architectural site, the only one that survives intact not only in the island area of ​​the Dodecanese complex, but also throughout Greece. For Kos, moreover, it is the only architectural site that keeps intact its historical modern Greek character, as the historic city of Kos is Italian and the other villages have been altered by growth in tourism. We will further walk on the ridge of the imposing Dikaios mountain range, amidst lush vegetation (olives, cypresses, pines, laurels, myrtles, etc.), where it dominates a panoramic steep slope that ends smoothly in a wide, open plain. At the very top of the traditional village of Zia, you will find a traditional tavern that has everything to offer: peace, coolness, good food and family service. Kostas with his son and wife are there to serve you incredible moussaka, grilled meats and local snacks. Make sure you don’t miss the zucchini flowers, tzatziki, lamb, krasotyri, and sourdough bread. And the walnut pie! What else could you ask for? A view, aromas, the sounds of nature in a magical feast! Enjoy a coffee or a drink at OLD HOUSE, before we make our way through Zia by night back to Mastichari,
Day 3. Boat trip and Kos by night
09:00-16:30 Island boat trip for swimming with lunch included.18:00-22:00 Kos by night with dinner free choice.
Day 4. Hiking and free night
06:00-12:00 Hiking St. Vasilios-Palio Pyli-Askopetra with brunch included.Hiking distance: 3km with D+ 150m and D- 20m18:00-23:00 Free night.
Day 5. Fishing Boat trip and Micro-Experience 2
10:00-16:00 Fishing boat trip and lunch included17:00-22:00 Micro-experience 2Prehistoric Kos amidst the colors of the sunset in the cave of Aspri Petra in KefalosIt takes about 40 minutes from Mastichari to reach the area of Aspri Petra.  Our vehicle will drop us off and we will hike towards Aspri Petra Cave(translated white stone). It is one of the most mysterious places on Kos. Located at an altitude of 257 meters, southwest of the island, on Mount Zini, above Cap Routhianos on the east side of the Kefalos peninsula. In this cave, in June 1922, important finds of prehistoric times were found such fragments of clay pots, human fossils, millstones, pieces of pottery, a few blades of obsidian Glass and food scraps. The importance of this cave must be emphasized. It used to be a place of worship. Finds have been discovered not only in prehistoric times, but also in later times - up to Roman times. It is considered as one of the oldest monuments of the island. Chronologically the findings are placed in the early Neolithic era. The cave is 140-100 million years old and consists of ash-white characteristic limestones. Returning to our shuttle, we will travel to the other side of Kefalos to Agios Theologos to catch the breathless sunset. The waters of the Aegean and the horizon meet in a stunning orange glow. The Greek tavern nearby offers tasty authentic Greek specialties for those who would like to dine.
Day 6. Hiking and Micro-Experience 3
06:00-12:00 Hiking Osia Melo-Vourina-Tsoukalaria and brunch icluded.Hiking distance: 5.5km with D+ 55m and D- 240m17:00-22:00 Micro-experience 3Sunset with Medieval Retrospect in History at Antimachia’s CastleWe depart from Mastichari at 17:00 to reach the castle of Antimacheia in 20 minutes. The space is imposing and the view to the side of Nisyros is amazing. We will watch the sunset from the castle walls and dream about the battles fought around it during the Turkish siege in 1457, where 25,000 besieged were saved with the besiegers leaving and burning the island. We will imagine the reconstruction of the castle in the six different phases during the Masters H. de Villeneuve (1319-1346), P. d 'Aubusson (1476-1503), F. del Carretto (1513-1521) and between the 16th and 19th century, during the Turkish occupation. Then we will take the path that leads to Kardamena to the south and around 19.45 we will arrive in the picturesque area of OUZERI "O DASKALOS" They say that the best way to dry out your sweat is to drink one (or more) tsipouros! We need to find out then. Tsipouro is offered with a meze and not lunch dishes. You want something more substantial, a quick order from the nearby souvlaki restaurant can remedy the problem. By the time we decide to leave, our vehicles will take us back to Mastichari.
Day 7. Kos trip for shopping and afternoon walk
10:00-16:00 Kos town trip for shopping18:00-19:00 Afternoon walk at St. Ioannis Vasilika
Day 8. Airport drop-off
What is included in the package?The package includes accomodation in an apartment with kitchen, breakfast (room service), 3 main guided hiking trips, 3 Micro-Experiences with dinner, 2 boat trips, 2 transportations to Kos town and sunset with dinner at first day.
What fitness level is required?This tour is rated at difficulty level of 1/5 and therefore a basic fitness level is required being able to hike for up to 2 hours in a single day. The pace is relaxed for you to enjoy your holidays.
What equipment do we recommend?
  1. Daypack
  2. Athletic shoes
  3. Shorts and bathing suit
  4. Sun cream and hat
  5. Hiking poles (optional)
  6. Water bottle min. 750ml
What is the best hiking season in Kos?The best season is all year round. July and August the weather gets hotter.
Price/person : 795€
Minimum participant requirement: 4