This is a personalized trip designed for those who have the experience and fill confident enough to hike up by themselves and spent the night in one of the lower refuges (Refuge A, Refuge Petrostrouga, Refuge Koromilia), and will require the guidance and experience of a guide for the alpine parts of the mountain they…

€145 / per person

Get to know the unexplored side of North Pindus! Based on our hospitable guest house in Gyftokampos we will hike under the northern slopes of Mount Tymfi to discover the well hidden gems of the area.

€245 / per person

Do you hike fast? Are in a good shape? Do you want to discover the unbeaten and less hiked trails of Mount Olympus in just a day? This is for you! A circular route up to the Muses Plateau (2650m) from Prionia (1100m) through Gomarostalos trail and back from the E4 path. This route gives…

€145 / per person

Do you seek for a little more adventure off the beaten path? There is a good variety of wild, technical and rewarding routes to reach the Muses Plateau, several peaks and the summit starting the hike from the North side of Olympus. The difficulty level rises here but with our highly experienced and trusty guides…

€250 / per person

Run on the trails of Parnitha, just an hour away of the busy Athens city, with our expert guide trail runner Chris!

€100 / per person