A great day hike to visit the famous Dragonlake. The Dragonlake of mount Tymfi is the crown jewel of the Zagori area.

€70 / per person

The best of Pindus on a 2-day trip. Hiking underneath the sheer walls for the gorge and ascending all the way to the Dragonlake is an experience not to be missed.

€245 / per person

8-day hiking & holidays in Sifnos island! Be part of o small group of hikers, walk with us around the Cycladic island of Sifnos and explore more than 150 kilometers of footpaths. Wandering in the western part of the island features a 20 acre area that is part of the European network of natural protected…

€795 / per person

8-day relaxed hiking and holidays in Kos Kos island is a little gem in the Aegean sea waiting for you to explore it. We have designed a package for relaxed holidays combining small hiking trips and micro-experiences to discover the nature and culture of Kos.

€795 / per person

The place behind the Mountain! Zagori in slavic means “The place behind the mountains” and this is exactly where this adventure is taking place.In a relatively unknown part of Europe away from tourists and distractions Zagori awaits to be explored by true adventurers. Surrounded by mountains with jagged peaks above 2000m and a variety of…

€450 / per person

A great full day outdoor escape just an hour away from Thessaloniki! This is a great opportunity to hike on one of the most scenic areas in Northern Greece. We will hike, swim in fresh water lake, taste traditional food and wine and also visit one of the most important archaelogical sites of Greece, all…

€70 / per person

A great outdoor escape just an hour away from Athens! Enrich your Athens experience and get to know the nature around. You will be suprised with the biodiversity and the wild life of Mt.Parnitha!

€70 / per person

Mountain Chortiatis is located just 30-min away from Thessaloniki. If you are already in Thessaloniki for holidays and want a short exploration to the nearby nature and a cool break from the heat of the city this day hike is just for you! The hike is about 3 hours long and all the transfers and…

€40 / per person