Founder and Guide

My true love for exploring the outdoors and just being out there in the nature has led me to found Hiking Greece. Being on the steering wheel of this experience generator (my engineering background speaks now), I am mostly responsible for all the planning and the communication for your next adventure. My body and mind is forged from the many years running ultra distances on the trails. I have now slowed down to take the opportunity to organize authentic experiences […]

I am a seventies child and like my friends say if you missed the 70’s you have missed everything even though I have lived only one year into that decade. My relation with photography started at child age when I destroyed all the cameras that my grandfather had laying around and later in a more mature approach I took ownership of my dad’s Nikon and started exploring. It was love at first sight and a beautiful journey has started which […]

I was born in Litochoro on the foothills of Olympus and live here most of my life. I have attained certification in Mountaineering and Climbing by the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering. I continuously attend seminars and renew my knowledge on First Aid and Rescue in mountainous environment to provide the safest services for you. I am also a certified MIAS Instructor – Guide of mountain biking and a Leader of Canyoning.

Sifnos island Guide

I discovered the island of Sifnos 21 years ago and it was love at the first sight. It became my home, my island. I started working as a chef and in order to gather and explore the islands herbs and spices I started wandering around the island’s ancient paths and mountains. So I came to know the “real” Sifnos. Sifnos with its innumerable trails and kilometers of rubble walls, olive groves, mastic and cedar trees which are rich in flora […]

Athens Guide

Since my childhood I loved getting “lost” into the deep forest of a mountain, in order to train or explore the nature. My passion and love for nature drove me in this paths of life. I am a certified climber and mountaineer, member of Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing. I have also graduated from the Mountain Guide School of Athens. Apart from that, during the last six years, I am a keen trail runner sponsored by La Sportiva Greece […]