Olympus Semi-Guided 1-day

Price €145 1 Day
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Olympus Semi-Guided 1-day

€145 ανά άτομο

This is a personalized trip designed for those who have the experience and fill confident enough to hike up by themselves and spent the night in one of the lower refuges (Refuge A, Refuge Petrostrouga, Refuge Koromilia), and will require the guidance and experience of a guide for the alpine parts of the mountain they wish to visit.

Being an experienced hiker or not, you should always bare in mind that hiring a guide is a wise measure to increase your safety on your embankment to the higher peaks or the Mouses Plateau, but can also enhance your overall mountain experience, by sharing their local knowledge and its secrets.

The day starts by picking you up on either one of the lower refuges (Refuge A, Refuge Petrostrouga, Refuge Koromilia), then continuing our day on our planned destination and then back to the refuge or to Prionia.

We are flexible in terms of the time and duration spent on your trip and we can match a variety of different levels of fitness or activities requested (hike, fast-hike, trail-run)  in order to offer you a great day experience.

These are some popular routes

Refuge A – Mouses Plateau – Refuge Petrostrouga – Gortsia – Prionia

Refuge A – Mouses Plateau – Refuge A

Refuge A – Mytikas Peak – Refuge A

Refuge Petrostrouga – Mouses Plateau – Refuge A


Contact us with some information about your plans and let us help you with the rest.



  • Προορισμός
  • Αναχώρηση
    Thessaloniki or Litochoro
  • 'Ωρα αναχώρησης
    Approximately 8:00 am
  • Ώρα επιστροφής
  • Ρουχισμός
    See FAQ section for detailed information.
  • Περιλαμβάνεται
  • Δεν περιλαμβάνεται
    Ποτά και σνακς
What to bring:Since you already spent the night on one of the refuges, you already have an individual set up of your equipment. If you plan to return to the same refuge then you can leave your sleeping equipment there to save some weight.  This is a typical set of minimal equipment that you need. We advise you to contact us for reviewing your equipment based on the trip you wish to plan.
  • Hike or trail running shoes
  • Backpack 30-60L
  • At least 1.5 lt of water and energy snacks (additional water or food supplies can be purchased from the refuges during the hike)
  • Windbreaker or softshell (winbreaker pants are also advised)
  • Second t-shirt
  • Sunglasses
  • hat
  • sun-cream
Equipment (necessary or additional) can be arranged upon request (depending on availability). Please contact us.
  • Experienced guide(s)
  • Trekking poles
  • Photo and video material
  • Transportation from Litochoro or Thessaloniki to Prionia (additional charges may apply depending on number of participants)
Not included:
  • Food and drinks
  • Tips to the guide
  • Medical or emergency evacuation fees
Details to communicate in order to plan your trip
  • Day and total duration (hours on the mountain)
  • Number of participants (if there are kids, please include their ages)
  • Fitness Level 1-10 (1=I can complete an 1-hour hike – 10=I can easily hike for 10 hours)
  • Places to visit (Muses Plateau, Mytikas Peak, Skolio Peak, Refuge A, Refuge Petrostrouga, Livadaki,  Refuge Koromilia, or any other place)
  • From 145 euros